Upcoming Online Seminars

   March 2021

01. The Financial Controller Function: March 19 & 20, 2021

Seminar Fee: Php 3,000 ($60)   Get 20% off for early registration

     Accelerate your career advancement with our comprehensive training for Financial Controller function. We conduct training using our in-house knowledge transfer-driven method derived from decades of research, system implementation and collaboration from CFOs and Financial controllers from around the world so that you don't wait for decades before making yourself ready to perform the Financial Controller function. 

02. The SAP Enterprise Resource Planning System-Learn how the best run companies operate and how you can start a career as  SAP technical consultant:  March 17, 2021

Seminar Fee: Php 1,500 ($30)   

    The Best Run Companies in the world runs SAP. Hence, it is important skills for professionals to be equipped with SAP knowledge to join the world's best run companies. And for CEOs, business owners, and founders, SAP knowledge will help you run your companies at par with the best run companies. Through this training, we will explain how SAP revolutionized and transformed the way the biggest companies operate and how you can model the best practices as you manage your department (HR, Finance, Supply Chain, Production, Sales and Marketing, IT or Executive Office) or transform the business operation of your entire company. You will also learn why SAP consultants command high salary in the market around the world earning Php 300K or more per month and how to start a career in SAP whether you are an accountant, an engineer, an IT or HR professional.

03. How to handle the BIR Tax Audit: A guide for Entrepreneurs & Accountants: March 15, 2021     Seminar Fee: Php 1,000 ($20) Get 20% off for early registration

     More business owners are recently receiving Letter Of Authority from BIR related to the incoming Tax audit.  Yet most business owners are not familiar how to handle BIR Tax Audit under the Train Law. As requested from many business owners, we are conducting this seminar so that you will be aware about your rights and obligations related to BIR Tax Audit. This seminar intend to help you handle, comply, determine the correctness of assessment, if there is any, and know the different types of compromise and remedies available to you.  Register to our online seminar today and handle your Tax Audit confidently.

04.  Accounting for Non-accountant - Bookkeeping & Financial Statements Preparation:  March 11 & 12, 2021   

Seminar Fee: Php 2,000  ($40) Get 20% off for early registration

     Safekeeping of books of accounts is legally required when you run a business. Hence, it is necessary for entrepreneurs and founders to understand how to keep it according to the laws, rules, and regulations. Moreover, understanding accounting which is considered as the language of business can help you run your business efficiently and effectively to achieve its objectives. Join our seminar and learn the how to comply, record, and prepare the financial statements today,

05. Analyzing Financial Statements for Entrepreneurs & Managers: March 8, 2020   Seminar Fee: Php 1,000  ($20) Get 20% off for early registration

     Compliance with BIR has never been more important to entrepreneurs and founders than today. Knowing the high cost of non-compliance and complexity of rulings and regulations, we tailored a comprehensive training to simplify your compliance, legally reduce your expenses, and improving your understanding of Business and Income Taxation so that you can focus on growing your revenue and serving your customers. Learn how to file your Income Tax, VAT or Percentage Return, and other mandatory BIR requirements.

06.  Accounting for Non-accountant- Business & Income Taxation: March 4 & 5, 2021   

Seminar Fee: Php 2,000 ($40) Get 20% off for early registration

     Learn how to read, monitor the progress, and interpret the result of your business operations using the Financial Statements. Our comprehensive training on financial analysis will help you understand how to manage your business efficiently and mitigate the risks effectively as you read, interpret, and monitor the progress of your business operations. You will learn as well how to interpret the actionable points and red flag so that you can act before it is too late. Study showed that more CEOs of multi-national companies are taking the initiatives to train their employees on Financial Statements analysis because it helps employees to participate efficiently and effectively in managing the business operations to achieve the company's objectives. 

07.  Business Strategy and Business Model Generation: March 31, 2021

Seminar Fee: 1,000 ($20)

Learn how to start a business with less capital or build a strategy to make your company resilient. Know the leading business model used by best run companies to manage their business and learn how to analyze and design your value proposition, business model, key operational strategy, and sales & marketing strategy.

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Terms and Conditions: All seminars are conducted 9 to 5 pm with 1 hour launch break and 15 minutes snack break in the morning and afternoon.  You are expected to follow the house rules throughout the conduct of the seminars. Seminar fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, if it is unlikely that you cannot attend the seminar on the scheduled date due to unforseen events, you can request to move it on the next date of the seminar by way of email at least one day in advance. A certificate of participation on our seminars will be issued to you and you will receive it through our official email. All attendees are qualified to receive 30% discount when opt to subscribe on our Tax, HR and Accounting Watch information service as part of our commitment to accelerate your career advancement. Thank you.