Ready-to-use Policies and Procedures for Companies & other publications

While other companies are discussing how to build their comprehensive corporate policies and procedures with no end in sight, you are just selecting and rolling out the best management theories and practices in no time using our ready-to-use corporate policies and procedures. See list of policies and procedures and the corresponding price:

​1.0 Ready-to-use manuals:

-Delegation of Authorities / Segregation of Duties          -Accounting Manuals                                                  

-Internal Control Manuals                                            

-Corporate Policies and Procedures                            

-HR Policies and Procedures                                       

-IT Policies and Procedures                                         

-Governance  & Business Policy                                  

-Inventory Management policies and procedures         

-Fixed Assets policies & procedures                            

-Fleet Management policies & procedures                  

-Project Management Policies & Procedures Manual    

-Procurement Policies & Procedures                            

-Sales & Marketing Policies and Procedures               

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-Php 2,500  or  USD   50

-Php 2,000  or  USD   40

-Php  5,000 or  USD 100

-Php  5,000 or  USD 100

-Php  5,000 or  USD 100

-Php  5,000 or  USD 100

-Php  3,000 or  USD   60

-Php  2,000 or  USD   40

-Php 2,000  or  USD   40

-Php 4,000  or  USD   80

-Php 5,000  or  USD 100

-Php 2,000  or  USD   40

-Php 5,000  or  USD 100