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Our approach and methodology:  How we accelerate the Strategy Development and Business Transformation of companies.

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     If we will study the history, you will learn that many of the business strategies of Apple that helped it to become so successful today were conceptualized by General Motors almost 100 years ago such as Planned Obsolescence and Product Financing. The success of Apple tells us the importance of knowing the history when it comes to developing a strategy and managing our business due to the fact that the best management practices are nothing but collections of business practices that human learned from the success of many companies in the past. The best management practices are continuously evolving as you can see from the above timeline. Hence, without understanding the history, we are going to waste the invaluable lessons learned in the past and prolong our progress by ending up reinventing the wheel or committing the same mistake. Hence, the first step to transform our company is to know the existing best management practices that we have learned from the history as the baseline. MTCS did it for you to reduce the cost of doing business and speed up the business transformation. Moreover, we developed our own  strategic management principles from the gap we found from the best-known strategies and management principles during the course of our research. Talk to us and we are happy to assist you.