About MTCS

                  Business Transformation and Career Advancement Accelerated 

     M.C.Marquez Training Consultancy Services (known as MTCS) is the leading company that provide 

industry-specific and role-based knowledge transfer-driven training that break the systemic career advancement barriers caused by sheer number of business industries and regulatory compliance requirements in companies that prevent professionals to access, study, and learn how to run a business of a particular industry such as manufacturing, construction and service  or how to perform a particular job function such as CEO, CFO, VP HR, CIO, Financial Controller, Director of HR, and COO.


     These systemic barriers can be observed preventing millions of professionals to advance their professional careers, yet there were no discussions how to address it. Recognizing the existence of these systemic barriers, MTCS developed its own knowledge transfer-driven training methodology where business scenarios and best management practices are both simulated so that professionals can learn different business industries and job functions fast without wasting decades of their lives waiting for the job opportunity at a particular position or business industry which may not come as proven by the fact that many professionals are stuck at a particular position or business industry throughout their professional career. At MTCS, we passionately believe that professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives should not start from scratch or reinvent the wheel. Rather, everyone should use the proven and tested management principles and best management practices that works at a particular industry or job as the baseline when running a company or department to achieve its objectives. In this way, we can truly apply a powerful principle of progress laid down by Sir Isaac Newton who said in his own words: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” By using our knowledge transfer-driven professional training method to deliver our comprehensive career advancement and strategic management training, we break these observed systemic barriers to accelerate your career advancement or business transformation.  



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Marionito Marquez, the Founder and CEO of MTCS, is a Certified Public Accountant by profession, a Business Transformation and Technology implementation consultant, and the author of two books namely, The one best way to manage a business according to science and Objective Myopia: Why Executives fail to secure the creation of maximum shareholder value, both books are available at Amazon.com.  He was a former auditor at 

Laya Mananghaya & Co., currently the KPMG R. G. Manabat & Company. 


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