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     Beware about the systemic career advancement barriers that trap many professionals for several years.  The segregation of duties, internal controls, and regulatory requirements in the corporate world are important as we know but these business policies and compliance requirements prevent us to access, study and learn how the top executives do their jobs such as CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, VP Sales & Marketing, Financial Controller, Director of HR, Head of Procurement, R&D Director and many others. As consequences of these systemic barriers, we end up wasting 10 to 20 years of our professional life waiting for promotion in order to have the opportunity to access, study  and learn the jobs. For many professionals, the promotions don't come at all as we can observe from people who are stuck at a particular task throughout their professional careers (e.g. Cashier, AR accountant, AP accountant, Cashier, Financial Analyst, Budget analyst and Fixed Asset accountant in the case of accounting profession).


     How to break these systemic barriers to accelerate the career advancement of a professional or business transformation of a company? 


We ask this question and have devoted our time researching and collaborating with top executives and leading professionals around the world to overcome these systemic barriers so that you can accelerate the advancement of your professional career or the transformation of your business operations through knowledge transfer-driven professional training.  MTCS is the only company that provides industry specific and comprehensive role-based professional training that break these systemic barriers caused by sheer number of business industries to learn and regulatory compliance requirements  that prevent millions of professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives to access, study, and learn the the department lead functions such as CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, Director of HR, Financial Controller, Treasurer, and other top job functions.

     Moreover, MTCS knows that the global best management practices are nothing but historical collections of best management insights that have been developed through studies of the best run companies in the world in the last century. We researched, collected and analyzed these leading best management practices that have shaped the business management today so that you don't need to reinvent the wheel.

     Through decades of research, experience and collaboration with leading executives and professionals, we provide the following comprehensive and knowledge transfer-driven career advancement and business transformation training: 

01. The SAP Enterprise Resource Planning System's training for CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Accountants, HR, Supply Chain and IT- Learn how the best run companies operate and how to become SAP Consultants - Php 1,500    USD 30

02. Implementation of Computerized Accounting System for SMEs

 Php 1,000   USD 20

03.  The Financial Controller Function  Php 3,000 USD 60

04. The Chief Financial Officer Function Php 4,000 USD 80

05.  The Chief Executive Function  Php 5,000  USD 100

06. The Chairman of the Board Function Php 5,000  USD 100


07. The Human Resource Director Function Php 3,000  USD 60

08.  The Vice President of Sales & Marketing Function 

Php 3,000 USD 60

09. The Chief Operating Officer Function Php 3,000 USD 60

10.  The Director of Research & Development Function 

Php 3,000 USD 60

11.  The Chief Audit Executive or Head of Audit Function - How to setup and manage an Internal Audit Function  Php 3,000 USD 60

12. The Director of Treasury Function  Php 3,000 USD 60

13. The Chief Information Officer Function Php 4,000 USD 80

14. The Chief Legal Officer Function  Php 4,000 USD 80


15. The practice of Public Accounting Profession - How to setup and run an auditing firm.  Php 2,000 USD 40

16. The practice of Management Consulting Firm - How to setup and run a management consulting firm. Php 2,000 USD 40


17. Governance & Strategy  Php 3,000 USD 60

18. Accounting for Non-accountant- Business & Income Taxation

Php 2,000 USD 40

19.  Accounting for Non-accountant - Bookkeeping & Financial Statements Preparation  Php 2,000 USD 40

20. Business Modeling generation and business strategy for Entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs

Php 1,000 USD 20

21. Accounting for Construction Industry. Php 2,000 USD 40

22. Accounting for Chemical Industry  Php 2,000 USD 40

23. Accounting for Hotel & Restaurant Industry. Php 2,000 USD 40

24. Accounting for Manufacturing Industry. Php 3,000 USD 60

25. Accounting for Pharmaceutical Industry Php 2,000 USD 40

26.Accounting for Banks Php 2,000 USD 40

27. Accounting for FMCG  Php 2,000 USD 40

28. Accounting for Service Companies.  Php 2,000 USD 40

29. Accounting for Oil and Gas Companies  Php 3,000 USD 60

30. Strategic Sales & Marketing   Php 2,000 USD 40

31. Social Media Marketing for SMEs  Php 2,000 USD 40

32. Strategic Supply Chain  Php 3,000 USD 60

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Note: If you wish to attend a seminar from our list which is not scheduled for the month of November, kindly send us email and we will notify you as soon as the seminar becomes available.  We can prioritize a particular topic based on a group request. Of course, we give group discount as token of appreciation for coming in group. Thank you.