Upcoming Seminar:  March 31 , 2021

Business Strategy and Business Model Generation

    Learn how to start a business with less capital or build a strategy to make your company resilient. Know the leading business model used by best run companies to manage their business and learn how to analyze and design your value proposition, business model, key operational strategy, and sales & marketing strategy.

Seminar Fee: Php 1,000 ($20)   

Our Value Proposition: Knowledge Acquisition and Business Transformation Accelerated.

Our Services

Accelerate the transformation of your business and advancement of your professional career through our innovative products and services.


Online Seminars

     Accelerate the advancement of your professional career or business transformation using our knowledge transfer-driven professional training  derived from decades of research, collaborations from various professionals and executives, system implementations, hands-on experience on business transformation, and roll out of best management practices.

     We believe that you don't need to experience failure in order to succeed in business or to wait for decades to get the promotion before having the opportunity to

lead a department. We break 

these observed systemic barriers by studying the best run companies and how the department leads function.

     We make blueprint, simulate the business scenarios, and operations for you to learn easily as if you are in actual business environment doing the job or managing the business which is not possible for you to access in real business environment due to segregation of duties, internal control, and regulatory compliance requirements as mentioned.

    In business, we know that knowledge is not about age or 

certificates, it is more about possessing the necessary  know-how and skills that truly helps  entrepreneurs or executives to manage the business and get the job done to achieve the company's objectives. We worked hard to simplify it for you so that you can take your career or business to the next level in no time.

     MTCS is the only company that caters industry-specific and role-based training that break the systemic barriers that affect millions of professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs around the world. 

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Our Value Proposition: 

Knowledge Acquisition and Career Advancement 


           Recognizing the needs of entrepreneurs and founders to bring the necessary management know-how and financial management skills  to accelerate the growth of their companies and seize its market potential, we innovate so that entrepreneurs and founders can get both without the burden of expensive management consultancy cost and lengthy consultancy engagement. Though our online management advisory and business transformation services, we will help you improve your business strategy, 

business operations and use of technology. We will also assist you on setting up your governance structure, segregation of duties, business policy and procedures, sales and marketing strategy, 

organizational structure, training of your staff, tax strategy, risk management, and internal control through our ready-to-use best management practices and model company. 

      Moreover, we can assist your company to raise funds through 

Banks, Financial Institutions, Franchising, Joint Venture, Cross licensing of products, Business Alliances, Venture Capital companies,  Private Equity companies or by going public as applicable. We can invest our consultancy fee or act as angel investor as part of our commitment to help your company.

Our approach and methodology:

      We have researched the best management practices as well as the leading technologies that have been developed in the last century and created a model company, organizational structure, and job functions to speed up knowledge-transfer and business transformation. Using our model company, organizational structure and job functions, every company that come from different industries 

can immediately roll out the best management practices because these are ready-to-use. Hence, saving your company's time and money.

Professional Fees:

Subject for Quotation

Our Value Proposition:

Strategy Development and Business Transformation 


Management Advisory and Business Transformation Services

Tax, HR & Accounting Watch Information Service

     Ask questions and get professional help about Accounting, Tax regulations, BIR Tax Audit, HR matters, and crucial information related to SSS, Pag-Ibig, Philhealth, DOLE, and other regulatory government agencies whether you are business owner, founder, HR practitioner or Financial Controller. Through Tax, HR & Accounting Watch,  you can get professional help, update yourself, and learn how to comply on tax, accounting, and other regulatory requirements as if you have army of professionals that works for you.

    MTCS can also ask questions on your behalf at BIR, SEC, DOLE, and other government agencies so that you can clarify your  issues in confidential manners. We can refer you as well to our network of professionals to represent you on BIR tax audit and other legal matters.

How it works: 

At MTCS, we have networks of researchers, accounting professionals, HR professionals, and consultants who are monitoring and researching the same regulatory information you need such as BIR rulings, SEC rulings, and Accounting Standards. The cost of research, and analyzing these information by professionals to ensure compliance are costly as we know if you will employ them, so we innovate to reduce the cost of doing business.  Through Tax, HR & Accounting Watch,  we can reduce together the cost of research and improve the quality of the information at the same time as if each of member is employing an army of researchers, professionals, and consultants to provide the information which we are looking for as we manage our business or leading the accounting department. Join Tax, HR & Accounting Watch today. It is all here.

Subscription fee:

Php1,500 (USD 30)per month or Php 12,000 (USD 240) for 1 year subscription.

Our Value Proposition:

Information Research Transformed and Accelerated.

Online Learning Management System, HR Policies & Executive Search

     Many companies fail to transform its corporate culture and empower its employees because of  the erroneous 

belief that standard Learning Management System (LMS) fits worldwide. At MTCS, we develop and merge the best known  global and local management practices so that you can fit the company's culture  to Philippine business 

setting while others are endlessly  deliberating what to do and where to start. We provide the most comprehensive and powerful Learning Management System in the country to help local and multinational companies gain competitive advantage and achieve its business objectives. 

  We also provide ready-to-use HR policies & Procedures incorporating global and local best practices to setup and transform your HR department fast. Moreover, we cater executive search for key function roles whether your are establishing a company, subsidiary, regional Head Quarter or preparing for succession plan.

     We can also help obtain 

working visa for you and your immediate family to legalize your stay in the Philippines.


     Our services are strategically integrated so that you get competitive advantage  as you execute your business strategy and implement your business plan. It's all here.

LMS Subscription fees:

Php 1,500 per named employee

Executive Search fees:

One month salary per executive

Visa service fees:

Subject for Quotation

HR Policies & Procedure:

Price: Php 5,000 or USD 100

per named company.

Our Value Proposition:

Business Plan realization and People empowerment Accelerated. 

Strategic Management Services for Corporations & Startup companies 

     Accelerate your company setup or business expansion through MTCS & its network of professional CPAs, Legal, and Management consultants. We help business end-to-end, from vision to reality. We help  founders and international companies on the following:

-Setup through registration of a new business or shelf company in PEZA,BOI, Central Bank, SEC, DTI, LGUs, and other government agencies such as SSS, Philhealth, Pag-ibig,and DOLE.  

-Tax Strategy, Mapping, and Compliance

-Feasibility Study

-Business modeling generation

-Setup of Delegation of Authority, Segregation of duties, Internal Control, Governance, Risk and Compliance framework

-Handle your Accounting, Tax, and Payroll processes on a temporary or continuing basis whether it is for local, US, Australia, and other countries through our network of professional CPAs.

-Represent you in BIR Tax Audit through our network of SEC, BOA, and BIR accredited professionals

-Find strategic business office location.

-Develop governance framework, internal control manual, delegation of authority, and corporate policies and procedures fit to Philippine business environment and culture

-Quality Inspection of  imported goods prior to actual shipping.

-Suppliers' compliance audit as part of CSR and Legal requirement

Professional Fees:

Subject for Quotation

Our Value Proposition:

Business Setup and Company Expansion Accelerated.

Ready-to-use Policies and Procedures  & audio/e-books 

     While other companies are discussing how to build their comprehensive corporate policies and procedures with no end in sight, with MTCS, you are just selecting and rolling out the best management 

practices in no time using our ready-to-use corporate policies and procedures.


We conduct cutting-edge research and publish our own such as:

Ready-to-use policies and procedures: 

-Delegation of Authorities

-Segregation Of Duties

-Accounting Manuals

-Budgeting policies and procedures

-Internal Control Manuals

-Corporate Policies and Procedures

-HR policies and Procedures

-Governance & Business Policy

-Inventory Management policies and procedures

-Fixed Assets policies and procedures

-Fleet Management policies and procedures

-Project Management Policies and Procedures Manual

-Procurement Policies and Procedures

-IT Policies and Procedures

-Sales & Marketing policies and procedures

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Audio books production for podcast, Youtube, and self-directed learning:

Php 100 or $2 per minute

-We customize product audio books for Pharmaceutical companies, training companies, educational institutions, authors, and personal coach. 

Our publication: 

For our management book & counterintuitive management article, click here.

Our Value Proposition:  

Internal Control, Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management Accelerated.

The greatest product development strategy

“The hardest thing is: How does that fit into a cohesive, larger vision, that's going to allow you to sell 8 billion dollars, 10 billion dollars of product a year? And one of the things I've always found is that you've got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. You can't start with the technology and try to figure out where you're going to try to sell it.”

Steve Jobs

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